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Buyer and Seller beware of Ice Attic jewelry Abbotsford, Canada

I was cheated by Aman and Nitish for a significant amount of money. If you have purchased jewelry from them, please make sure to re-check the gold quality and type of diamonds they promised with a trusted jeweler. It is highly likely that they have sold you cheaper pieces at exorbitant prices.

I have discovered the truth about what they promised me and what they actually delivered. Despite presenting them with evidence, they have neither responded to my messages nor answered my calls.

I have decided to expose them on this platform to publicly name and shame them.

I have collected substantial evidence, including screenshots of conversations, email exchanges, and invoices from their suppliers. It is evident that they have also scammed their own suppliers, who have shared all the details with me.

If you have any doubts about the pieces they sold you, please reach out to me through the contact form below, and I will provide you with information about what they promised and what they actually delivered. I have screenshots of all conversations, as well as invoices, to support my claims.


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